Ashes to snow

Hair, art, design, objects and music meet in a relaxed, artistic atmosphere.

ASHES TO SNOW was founded by a group of close friends who felt the need to create a refined, inspiring environment with room for creative expression. We were longing for a world away from here, where everything is intertwined. We carefully curate our space by bringing work and objects from like-minded creatives from various disciplines together. Our gallery presents, promotes and sells the work of young artists, photographers, designers and craftsmen.

We welcome you at ASHES TO SNOW in an intimate setting while getting your hair done by one of our hair artists. Or come in and enjoy a good cup of coffee and our personal selection of books. When you’re lucky there might even be some live piano music.

Credits photography: Ramona Deckers

Hair Atelier

ASHES TO SNOW Hair Artists bring their craftsmanship to Amsterdam-Oost. After years of mastering their skills and wandering around and popping up at different places in the city of Amsterdam, they now call the Javastraat 72 their home. These true artists combine head, hand and heart in their craft. They have their scissors as their pencils, the hair as their canvas and set their goal to enhance your personal look, never loosing sight of individual character and preferences. ASHES TO SNOW Hair Artists are known for their exquisite technique and personal approach, while inviting you into a creative environment as their natural habitat.

You can make an online appointment with the booking tool on the website. Or feel free to drop by or give us a call to make an appointment T: +31 (0)20-3621480.

If you are an independent hairdresser and interested in working with us, please contact us for more information about renting a chair: E:

Hair cuts €74*

Colour regrowth from €60
Colour full from €75
Toner €37
Bleach regrowth from €60
Bleach full from €75
Highlights sunkissed from €95
Highlights 1/2 from €98
Highlights full from €135
OLAPLEX colour treatment €35
OLAPLEX recovery treatment €50

No-shows and cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged 100% of the treatment costs.

*20% student discount on hair cuts (not on colouring) on Wednesdays and Thursdays only

Art Gallery

ASHES TO SNOW Gallery presents work of selected artists, designers and makers, carefully curated by people from our creative network.

Daijiro Hama (Kyoto, Japan)

Daijiro Hama

Daijiro Hama (1984, Izumo, Japan) makes use of traditional Japanese material and technique while incorporating his own historical and cultural experiences. Daijiro Hama aims to express invisible existence created by contrast in black and white. With his monochromatic compositions he invites viewers to explore the depths of what you see and cannot see and the interpretation and reflections of ones soul and mind.

Artist Statement

I would like to describe the world of the void in black and white.

In the empty space, the guidance to the infinite world of the unconsciousness begins. Seeing emptiness is “a manifestation in the depths of ones own existence”. This becomes a phenomenon for us. In other words, it is a way of expressing “profundity”. It is a view of the world in which the opposite poles of black and white are unified and are born. It is expressed by the word “moderation”. It is the world beyond what is reflected as right and wrong, the presence of life and death, the equality of the North and South Pole.

ANTS. Showroom


ASHES TO SNOW is proud to present ANTS. SHOWROOM with a special selection of (hand)made-to-order garments.

ANTS. develops a collection of timeless style pieces in limited editions. These are executed in ever-changing, carefully curated, high quality and mainly dead stock fabrics.

ANTS. creates unique pieces with lasting character, to keep close, care for, love indefinitely and wear endlessly. The items are crafted with great passion and attention in the ANTS. ATELIER in Amsterdam.

Please reach out to or 06-28125333 to make an appointment for a full view of all samples in the showroom. So you are able to feel the fabrics, see the garments up-close, and try them all – if you like – and to hear more about the different possibilities and versions of the styles and fabrics.



by Marije van Marle, 2020

Sculpture, steel, welding, matte black painted finish
Developed in collaboration with ANTS.
With special thanks to Ron van Marle


ASHES TO SNOW’s space is perfect to come together and be inspired by talented visual or musical artists. ASHES TO SNOW organizes exhibitions, openings and small living room concerts.

Check out our Facebook page for any upcoming events.


Javastraat 72
1094 HL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For appointments call:
T: +31 (0)20-3621480

We are looking for hairdressers
to join the team (chair rental)

Opening hours:
Wednesday 10AM – 6PM
Thursday 10AM – 6PM
Friday 10AM – 6PM
Saturday 10AM – 6PM
Sunday 12AM – 5PM